The retail value of a Full Body X’Tract session is $250.00.  That includes the following: Consultation Session, Essential Oils (if desired), Client Informational Folder, and whatever time it takes (1hr +30 mins – 3 hours) to professionally complete the process. Lymphatic Detoxing is a Highly Specialized Skill & Requires Professional Training.

The full X’Tract Detox Cleansing Program includes Seven (7) X’Tract sessions.  It is often recommended that this process be done once a week for seven consecutive weeks, to achieve the full benefit of this cleansing process.


Clients typically see this as a seven week time frame that is devoted to their improved wellness. If a client who initially came for just one session, decides (within 7 days of completing their first session) that they would like to sign up for the full 7 week X’Tract Detox Cleansing Program, then client will enjoy the $150/session discount ($50.00 off per session) for each of their remaining 6 sessions.

Full Body X'Tract + Coaching Session $250

A Full Body X'Tract Session include the folowing:​

  • Have Pre Consultation Session With Client

  • Set up session area

  •  Lower Body X'Tract

  • Upper Body X'Tract

  • Face/Mastoid X'Tract

  • Stomach X'Tract

  •  Essential Oils for optimal lymph movement included (Valor, Peace and Calming, En-R-Gee, Cypress, Grapefruit, Orange and Digize. Learn more about essential oils here If Client provides all EO's necessary for session a $20 discount will be applied!

  • Go to our Professional Services Tab to get all the details on how the facilitator works with you during your session 

First Time X’Tract Discount is $50!  

We Accept Credit Cards with Square! 

The Full X'Tract Detox Cleansing Program 

X'Tract can also be broken down to a custom session if required. Example would be if client has a lot of blockage and cellulite in legs we can do a session that just focuses on this area. Contact me for details on pricing for customized session.

Customized Sessions...