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Personal Lymphatic Detoxing Coaching 


"Abigail is gifted in the art of lymphatic X'Tract. Her's is a specialty type of massage that offers many benefits. With one session, I felt lighter and more balanced. An interesting side effect is that I was actually taller after the session with her! My spine is compressed and I believe the massage offered temporary symptomatic relief from this chronic painful condition. IN addition to her expertise in this methodology, Abigail has a thorough understanding of the appropriate use of essential oils and aromatherapy. You can safely trust her to combine her knowledge and experience to preform what for me was my most beneficial massage experience to date."

Beth H.

Lily D.

“I throughly enjoyed my series of sessions with Abigail. I got some amazing cellulite loss in my arms and around my knees after just a few sessions! Especially helped eliminate the painful blockage in my armpits. Abigail was very fun to work with and also professional and knowledgeable in her field of work. Enjoyed my results very much and definately will be a regular client of hers! :)

X'Tract is a hands on technique that allows your detox coach to pump out the lymphatic fluid that is stagnant and blocked in the body. The most common and popular type of session for this is the Full Body X'Tract. This Full Body X'Tract Session includes all of the steps described below, except for the Kidney X'Tract, which we can only do after the client has had at least 4 session as MWA rules dictate. If the Kidneys are flushed(detoxed) to quickly it can result in too heavy of detox symptoms released into the body. 

Full Body X'Tract

This processes start at the ankles and go all the way up from head to toe, opening all of the drainage centers in the body, using essential oils and massage oil from Young Living to aid in the detox process. The 5 steps of the process are as follows.

Lower Body X'Tract

The lower body X'Tract focuses on the legs, getting the cellulite and body fluid worked, and opening all the valves so the body can detox it out through the blood stream. This Process Takes anywhere from 35 minutes to an hour depending on level of blockage. 

Upper Body X'Tract

The upper body X'Tract focuses on the arms and upper valves in the chest area. Lymphatic fluid can often get blocked in the armpits and subclavian valves and this is the main focus on this part of X'Tract.

Face/Mastoid X'Tract

The face/mastoid X'Tract focuses on opening up the sinus and lymph nodes on the throat and chest. This is often where allergies store long term and this is a good way to cleanse out a lot of that trapped fluid. Also noted for being the most relaxing part of X'Tract :)

Stomach X'Tract

The Stomach portion of X'Tract focuses on getting all the fluid that we've just worked all over the body to dump into the bladder and kidneys to be worked out in the blood stream. One of the most important steps in the process, and the last step before you've had 4 sessions completed.

Kidney X'Tract

The Kidney X'Tract step is the last part of the proess, pulling out the toxins and build-up that can be stored in this area. This part is only done after the client has received 4 full body x'tract session. A lot of emotional release is known to happen after this release is done, but dont worry, relax, hydrate and let the healing take place. <3  

When I had x-tract done the first time I immediately experienced an elevated mood......or maybe I I should say euphoria.The next day I could walk down stairs without stepping on each stair with both feet on the same step before going to the next step. The pain in my left knee was gone, it has not returned since. My upper arms are much firmer too. I have benefited from being encouraged to be aware of toxins and x-tract has made a difference in the way I look and feel. I am an older woman who has benefited from what Abigail has to offer, thank you Abigail.
T. S. In Texas

Each Full Body session includes the following:

A initial consultation with the client to talk about why they want to detox and any information they feel needs to be shared before the session. This is also so the facilitator can better inform the client about X’Tract and how it works. Allergies and sensitivites are discovered and discussed, as well. If agreed upon after consultation and paperwork has been completed, a full body session will be started afterwards.

Client records are kept updated after every session, also facilitator checks in with client to make sure they are comfortable during their detoxing process.

Client will be asked to wear the approporite attire, which is a tank top and very loose shorts. Clients also typically bring a change of clothes for after the session is completed.

A $17 charge will be applied if the client wishes to use the 8 recommended Young Living Essential Oils for assisting in the detoxing process. If the client provides their own oils, this charge will be waived. (only applied to 7 session special. If paying full price for X'Tract session EO's are complimentary.)

Each session takes between 90 minutes and 3 hours. This is completely dependant on how the client’s body responds to the lymphatic work. An X’tract facilitator must work in step “with” the clients body.  Therefore, if the client’s lymphatic system responds a little slower than normal, the time will be taken to gently and lovingly allow time for their body to respond.

X’Tract Facilitators work with the legs, the arms, the face/mastoid/sinus areas, and the stomach. After 4 sessions have been completed, the client will have the option to ask for Facilitator to conduct a kidney detox session, as well.

The client is responsible for verbally communicating with the facilitator to make him/her aware of any discomfort that may be experienced during the session. Clients appreciate that X’Tract is not typically painful, but that instead, the process has been carefully designed to gently work out any lymphatic blockages that are discovered. Any discomfort that the client experiences should be communicated with the facilitator so adjustments in pressure can be made.