The body's lymphatic system is the garbage disposal and a holding tank for toxins and fat. If not released out of the body, the body's entire system can become lax and sluggish, which may result in sickness and disease. Some of the potential issues can be: edema, weight gain, allergies, lack of energy and many other issues resulting from a blocked system.

 If the lymphatic system is not flowing properly or becomes blocked, the fluid consisting of fat, toxins and general waste will stagnate in the body.

Other systems that may be affected are, the circulatory system, endocrinology, digestive, immune and cardiovascular systems, as well as mobility.

X’tract is one of the few ways to release and cleanse the body of all this unwanted and dangerous waste, thereby resulting in a healthier system that has the capability to function properly giving the body the power to perform at optimal levels, resulting in health and vitality as the body is able to heal itself the way God designed it to do. This process is a proven and effective way to cleanse the body’s lymph system, which may also result in many other systems functioning better!

If your anything like myself you like to learn about the details of what we are working with. Most of the general public is not really sure exactly what the lymphatic system does or how it works. Watch this short video to get a fun and detailed scientific explanation of what the lymphatic system is, how it works and why it's important to keep clean! 

The Lymphatic System is the body's disposal system!

We all have toxic intake into our bodies. By learning how the lymphatic system works and how the X'Tract process works, you can take steps towards fully detoxing your body and reach your maximum potential.

"A healthy lymph system has 2 main functions: maintenance of fluid balance internally and immunity. Your lymphatic vessels act as "drains" to collect excess tissue fluid & the lymph system is a component of your circulatory system because it consists of moving fluid. Lymph node functions: defense and hematopoiesis (the process of  blood cell formation). We need to cleanse to restore and maintain this system. It's function effects all other systems."