"Through Utilizing the Gifts and Graces that God has Bestowed Upon the Earth, The Healers of the World have Been Called to Bring Back These Precious Treasures to Everyone Who is Called To Search For Them, and Share Them in Love..."  

                                                                                                 Quote from Abigail

The reason I believe that lymphatic detoxing with the X'TRACT technique is so beneficial and helpful as we detox and cleanse our bodies is because I've seen it transform my clients lives right in front of my eyes in ways that I couldn't have imagined possible!

It's amazing some of the transformations I've witnessed and it encourages me to always keep going with this passion.

I am honored and excited to share what knowledge I have gathered about how our bodies can heal and transform. I believe we only get one body and that it's every individual's responsibility to fully honor, cleanse and take care of it! Detoxing my body mind and spirit saved me from a life with fibromyalgia, chronic pain and mild depression. It's changed my life and I know it can change yours too. 

I believe in integrative medicine, which just means that we take advantage of all of the remedies that are available to us that we truly resonate with. I won't give you medical advice or tell you what to do or not to do, you are in charge of you, I am just a messenger of what I have been sent to share and openly share all of my love, gifts and talents with whomever is ready.

This is the story of how I found my school and passion for this Lymphatic Detoxing. I attended my first Young Living convention in 2014 and I saw a learning center represented by Majestic Wellness Academy and got to see a practitioner working on a client and was immediately drawn to the practice. I could tell that the people getting this work done on them were really experiencing healing on all levels and I had to learn more! Got to meet with Nina Venturella a month later in Austin and she trained me. Seeing her enthusiasm, amazing experiences with clients she'd had over the last 20 years with this therapy, I became completely committed. I started my classes and it was a beautiful journey, never have I enjoyed studying  something so much! Now here I am 3 years later, fully educated, passionate and excited to help the people that come to me. It truly is an honor for me!


 A little more about the school... I was professionally trained by getting certified and licensed as an X'Tract Wellness Coach by Majestic Wellness Academy. An accredited correspondence school specialized in training their students how to be the best in their field! Click on the MWA page to learn more about the school! 


Contact me and we can start your healing journey today! I want your experience with X'Tract to be positive and educational. I look forward to helping you achieve your optimal health goals!  <3 

Abigail Sitter

X'Tract Wellness Coach