Have Any of These Symptoms??

X'Tract Technique can assist your body in eliminating these problems from your life!*

As a Certified X'Tract Bodywork Facilitator and Detox Coach, I utilize the patented X'Tract Bodywork technique and the benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oils from Young Living to aid your body so it can re-balance, de-stress, release pain, cleanse toxins and so much more! You can achieve peak performance and improve your quality of life.

Your body is equipped to begin repairing itself when it is free to eliminate toxins with a clean lymphatic system! 

What is X’Tract Bodywork? X’Tract Bodywork is a toxic release and cleansing technique that targets your lymphatic system. Pressure is applied to your skin to soften, activate, and move your lymphatic fluid. This helps release emotional, mental and physical obstacles, and erases history from residual illness and traumas. X’Tract Bodywork cleanses the entire lymphatic system on the deepest cellular level (soul = mind, will, emotions) and redirects the flow of fluid and other waste products. It is one of the links to optimal whole health and weight loss.

So What is X'Tract?

What We Can Do Together!

Get Results That Are Real and Last After Your Treatments Are Done! 
  • Cellulite on legs and arms?

  • Swelling in ankles?

  • Nausea or sick feeling without having an illness or being sick?

  • Sinus congestion/pain?

  • Excessive fat?

  • Bloating often?

  • Soreness/stiffness in the mornings?

  • Painful lymph nodes?

Here are a few Testimonials 

"Abigail is gifted in the art of lymphatic X'Tract. Her's is a specialty type of massage that offers many benefits. With one session, I felt lighter and more balanced. An interesting side effect is that I was actually taller after the session with her! My spine is compressed and I believe the massage offered temporary symptomatic relief from this chronic painful condition. In addition to her expertise in this methodology, Abigail has a thorough understanding of the appropriate use of essential oils and aromatherapy. You can safely trust her to combine her knowledge and experience to preform what for me was my most beneficial massage experience to date."

Beth H.  

San Antonio, TX

"Since having the X'Tract process done I have had so many positive shifts happen in my life. I can feel the light, positive energy and joy that Abigail brings into her practice. Not only is she well experienced in the technique itself but is also there to support me emotionally and spiritually. I'm so grateful that my weight has been more manageable since our sessions but also for her presence in my life, she truly is an angel with healing hands."

Sandra P.

San Antonio, TX

"Since I began having sessions with Abigail I immediately started to notice improvement! I lost 20 lbs in the first 4 sessions! Also the very bad swelling I have struggled with in my ankles decreased greatly. I can walk more easily and feel better every time I have a session. I'm very grateful for Abigail's anointing to do this process and I know she will touch many people's lives with her gift of healing and this beautiful process called X'Tract."

Carol K.

San Antonio, TX

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